Joel takes you back in time with a unique and fascinating tour through fully restored WWII Planes. Made possible by the Collings Foundation, planes like the P-51 and the B-17 are restored back to their original condition, and flown to shows for people to see and enjoy. Joel wraps up his day with a flight aboard the historic B-24. Come fly along, and take a journey to the past!

Visit and see when these planes will be near you!

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  • Your video is beautiful, it reminds me of my Grandfather, former airman. He used to work in the B-24 military aircraft during the WII time. He told me about he was young man and went to Paris, France where he saw the historic arch building and Effiel Tower before my mother born in Iowa.

  • Wow! I was surprised that you flew in the plane, thought that’s just tour around the planes on the ground and I checked the link to read on CF information and flight experiences really interesting! I think it’s worth to visit and enjoy experience. Thank you for the wonderful video! =)

  • Exceptional documentary video……

    I am impressed with your narrative details on this old WW II aircrafts.

    Plus side of this tape….I used to work in Kerrville Country for 5 summers at the special need camp… not far from the local airport that you visited….just a couple of blocks up north on the very same road! This was where I first learned about the horse culture!

    I remember driving by this airport a couple of times…. thank u for this memories!

  • Champ!!! My father was a WW11 B24 navigator. He went on around 25 missions to Ploesti Romania. About 50 planes went on missions and about 12 came back alive. My father was one of them. Whew!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Brent Nowak

  • Awesome video! Like Joel, I have flown a restored WWII plane sponsored by the Collings Foundation in Virginia last fall. It was a B-17G “Flying Fortress”. My father was a radio operator and gunner going on 35 missions over Nazi Germany. He came home much alive after the war. Whew! The ride in this plane gave me the idea and feeling of my dad going through the air war. Thank you for sharing.

  • Joel Barish, Your video about World War 11 planes amazing and showed my hearing husband Robert, his dad flew P-51 mustang during WW 11 and you flew this plane, WOW!!! Thanks for showing inside and outside of this plane, Exceptional documentary video……
    I am impressed with your narrative details on this old WW II aircrafts, he said.thank you Kathy/ Robert Sharp