Joel takes you to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, home of “Winter” the famous dolphin based on the movie Dolphin Tale. Winter’s best friend is the lesser-known Panama, one of the rare dolphins identified to be deaf anywhere in the world. Joel meets Panama, and talks with her trainers to learn about the life of Panama, and how her deafness makes her either different or just like any other dolphin.

Special thanks to ZVRS


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  • Very fascinated to see your vlog to share with us. We would love to visit that place in Clearwater Aquarium in Clearwater, Fla someday. Thanks for sharing this beautiful video with us.

    I would love to meet Panama. 😀

  • In the middle of 2000’s My family visited Clearwater Aquarium to see dolphins and other animals like sea otter and sea turtles. I have been gone clearwater many times for our vacation from Chicago since 1980’s. That is place for relaxing and play the beach also go to Orlando for disneyworld or Sea world etc…. I didn’t know that the deaf dolphin is there but i heard about finless dolphin in clearwater.

  • Thanks many Joel for showing deafs in USA and sharing with Deafs. GREAT !! WoW i never seen Deaf dolphin and i would love to see Deaf dolphin in furture. Safety YOUR BUSINESS in traveling.

  • wow, very interesting to see a Deaf dolphin out there. I would love to see that Deaf dolphin sometime. What a cute dolphin.

  • We really found this very educational and interesting about those two dolphins, Panama and Winter. Very challenge for both dolphins and their trainers. I had been watching Dolphin Tale which was a very touching movie. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video.