Catherine Sellstone, licensed optician/Lead lab tech briefs Joel how eyeglasses are made at LensCrafter. She shares her 20+ years experience in the optical industry.

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  • We are very fortunately to have Cathy Sellstone who is Deaf work at Len Crafts in Norwood, MA to prevent communication breakdown with hearing people. Some of them feel not comfortable to tell them that they are unsatisfactory their visual on their glasses due to miscommunication with hearing people. They did not want to bother to go back to the glasses store again due to communication barrier in their medical terms.

    Some Deaf people may have a struggle understanding of the health care system and their own responsibilities for their visual better with their new glasses.

    Glad, Len Crafts has someone who is Deaf working there to effectively communication with Deaf customers to make sure they satisfactory their new glasses and better visual with their new glasses or contact lens.

  • Good job Cathy! Am curious? Where did you study to become an Optician? Did you go to NTID? I graduated from NTID in OFT in 1978. My former teachers were Pat Coyle, Jack M and Doug. All three were the best. I have never been out of work in 32 years. I still enjoy this job and never get bored. I make glasses for all over the world from dress wear to specialist safety glasses for the fire department to scuba wear. I have customers in Iraq (oil fields)and South Africa. I used to make & sell contact lenses, but I do not have time for that now. My customers know I am hearing impaired, but I have no problems communicating with them. Many customers ask for me because I really pay attention to what they want & help them the best I can.

  • Enjoy this vlog very much and it’s wonderful to know how lens made. I never know that it’s done by manual. I always thought it’s done by auto-machine without a human making each len. Very interesting one!

  • Cathy is so awesome with every details and explained what the job do. They made great glasses and good for sun protection and very stylish. We have known her since college and married my husband, Michael Wallace. He knows Cathy through college in NTID. Myself, a owner, home based business doing handmade crafts and attended many many shows since 2004. My customers know I am hearing impaired, but I have no problems communicating with them. Many customers ask for me because I really pay attention to what they want & help them the best I can.

  • It was good to watch Cathy’s show. I have know her back college. I’m also work for LensCrafters for 23 years at Eastview Mall in Victor, New York. I have been transferred three different stores in Ohio then moved to Rochester, N.Y. in Greece then transferred to Marketplace Mall, and now I’m at Eastview Mall. Yes I do enjoy to work there for a long time. I also do have one deaf co worker. I used to have six deaf co workers but end up they had to move to different states. I have no communication barrier with my co workers. I think the story will impact to hearing people for who we are!

  • It is nice to see Cathy on video showing the techniques of making glasses from stratch. I am a lab technican for 20 years and worked at many different places with Lenscrafters, Pearle and several private doctors. Now, I am living in Sweden working at a DVD warehouse but still on the hunt for a job as a lab techanican. Good to see more deaf people working in the opticsl field. Hopefully in the near future to have deaf owned optical company.

  • Boy, was I really happy to see this video of Cathy’s work at Lenscrafters! My eyes are my “babies” and I wear eyeglasses since the age of 9. As for being deaf, my eyes are SO important that I truly care about them. I just wish that there is someone like Cathy here in my neighborhood for a clear communication when it comes to getting my needs met. One time as a kid, I complained for about 2 years that my lenses did not feel quite right until my parents took me to a different optical shop and it was discovered that the presciption was not fitted properly in my lenses. No wonder why I always had headaches and miscommunication! As for the deaf and deaf~blind community, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that we become self-advocates when it comes to our vision care! Thanks to the Deaf Nation and Joel Barish for showing us this wonderful video of Cathy…Also, mucho gracias to Cathy and here is hoping that others will look up to you as future deaf optician technicians and opticians!

  • WOW! I’m going book a flight and fly there so I can communicate with her for a new glasses! giggles! Good Job, Catherine!