You’re in for a real surprise AND treat for this one! Joel heads out to California and embarks on an adventure checking out what goes on behind the cameras at a specific set. The only inclusive Deaf cast there is in all of television… “Switched At Birth”! We have this wonderful opportunity to get to know some stars personally through the interviews! Check out which stars Joel got to meet and talk with! See how it really goes behind the cameras and the lights! One grand time!  (captioned)


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  • Enjoyed watching the Switch at Birth as its my favourite show. Thank you all for the amazing show!!!!! 🙂

  • Very interesting interviews! I love getting the behind the scenes with SaB – I am obsessed with this show! It, and the fact that there’s a new deaf cook in the kitchen I work at (yes, just like on the show!) are the reasons why I’m learning to sign. But anywho! It’s sad that Constance can’t sign anymore, and I hope they can find a way for her so that her arms don’t hurt as much. Katie is so lively when she signs, but Sean’s signing is so fluid 🙂 Maybe I’m not used to watching an interview with interpreters, but it seemed like Joel never looked at Vanessa, even when asking a question. Other than that, great set-walk and talk!

  • Joel, This is one of the B E S T interviews I’ve ever watched! I do agree with you on your theme “No Barriers ….” in this interview. Keep ’em coming!!!!!