Joel Barish meets up with Brandon Fehrenkamp in Austin to learn about apiaries and
beekeeping. See what it’s like to keep bees, meet the queen, and get a taste of honey
straight from the hive as we help harvest and prepare honey for sale. Only on this latest
edition of No Barriers With Joel Barish. We promise, you won’t get stung!
Visit to learn more about Brandon and to read his blog.


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  • Thank you for the fabulous video. I sometime how do the bee product organic honey. It is very fascinated and educated. I share this link with my children.


  • Yes, we must respect bees and their hard work by making honey for us. Thank u for sharing the video in ASL with us. Enjoyed learning many cool stuff about bees. Again, thanks!

  • I knew Brandon since I am studying beekeeping and we become friend few months ago and he forget about Deafnation Joel did interviewing him until today. I was watching video and Yes, he is very correct about beekeeping. I am very amazing that he found queen in few minute into video. Thank you so much for spreading aware about beekeeping. Cheers.