In his final stop around the world, his seventh country, Joel visits Los Angeles, California and catches up with SuperDeafy. The Deaf superhero takes him on a drive around town with John Maucere. Visiting her studio, Joel meets Amy Edwards, former Miss Deaf America, who is a lighter and compositor – a visual effects artist. After learning about how Hollywood magic is made, Joel visits Pink’s famous hot dogs to try out a chili dog and finds an autographed picture of Marlee Matlin there. Riding a mechanical bull, Joel stays on for a few minutes. Visiting Hollywood, No Barriers with Joel Barish takes you to the Kodak Theatre and finds Marlee Matlin’s star on the famous walk of stars. SuperDeafy makes a special appearance in this one!

An around-the-world trip took Joel to seven countries and many different successful Deaf individuals! In just two weeks, No Barriers with Joel Barish traveled via air to spend about two days in each city and truly showcases how empowered deaf people are all around the world. The trip was a positive outlook on the potential of deaf people to succeed in any aspect. No Barriers with Joel Barish would not have been able to complete the trip if it were not for tourism offices in each country. The offices provided Joel with local Deaf tour guides and accommodations to promote their countries, and No Barriers with Joel Barish is always open to new ideas and locations and partnerships with local tourism offices.


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  • I can’t believe about your around the World Tour.
    Wow I love it and saw all video. congratulations Are you so hard work to all travel in world for deafnation.I would like to you can more your video other country next time. Thanks, David Hagstrom from Minnesota

  • Yeah ,Los Angeles ! last week i have been in LA and beautiful city but all roads are traffic LOL.
    Have you even been in Pacific highway 1# and Malibu Pier???. There are nice and restaurant is so very good food.I with my daughter drove from Buffalo to LA long way. The weather were fine and safety. We were lucky when we arrived LA and next day the weather were bad snow and ice roads in North Texas,Oklahoma.Arkanasas and Tenn.The power off. Thanks God ! GREAT!

  • Hi Joel Barish,
    I have watched your video on Los Angeles tour to story about a girl named Amy Edwards is a Lighter and Compositor. I am working in TV/Film, Animation and Web department of my school. I would like to ask her something about her job experience. How can i find her contact? Please advise. Thank you.
    Lim Anuar.

  • Like Lim Anuar, I was very amazed upon seeing Amy Edwards, as deaf Lighter and Compositor. I am looking for course related to animation and TV/Film as I am currently having short courses on both subjects. Really enjoyed watching your video clips around the world and please keep it up for us deafies around the world to satisfy our knowledges about their own countries’ cultural. GREAT WORK, JOEL BARISH!!!

  • I am amazed to watch video on Amy Edwards who is a light and compositor – visual effect artist as she did on movie called Pirate – superb job! Congratulations to Amy.

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