What’s an oenophile anyway?! It simply means someone who loves wine, and that definitely describes Larry Petersen! He has hundreds of bottles squirreled away in a wine cellar he built himself. Joel meets this unique guy, and learns a little more about the art of wine drinking, complete with a trip to a winery!

Patterson Cellars: www.pattersoncellars.com


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  • Love this one! 🙂 We have family in Seattle and would love to visit this person, or the winery (we don’t sign) – we are deafened and send cheers to all though :-).
    Sante and best to all,
    ls/ccac and captionmatch

  • I Would like to visit someday i will buy wine bring to Colorado…. what is address if you can give me address thanks Cheer Up Deafnation

  • Yo Larry…. You forgot to mention what varietal grape wine was prcoessed at the Paterson Cellars… Just a remainder…my cellar is almost twice the size than yours…but no wine bottles left! The 3 blind mice drank them all… Sighs…. When you got the chance watch this clip of Joel Barish with a Slovakian lady… Their unique and antique machinery of wine making. All the Best, 3 Blind Mice

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