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  • Your show it was really beautiful! and Wonderful job to explain different area around.. Love it your show.

    I live closer to Mt Tam. About 5 miles on Golden Gate Bridge. Smile

  • Thanks John. I grew up in San Jose. I always enjoyed San Francisco as it is one of beautiful cities in the world especially for sourdough bread! 🙂

  • Wow! San Francisco looks great and I see that Golden Gate Bridge looks huge and beautfil view too!! I love clam chowder soup but this with sourdough bread look delicious.. Great job show and explain I learn something.. Thanks

  • Do you like to eat anything even liver??? From your travels all over and going to restaurants, it looks like you are willing to eat anything!!!!

  • Loved It!! I live near S.F. and never think to do those things… Watching your excitement made me want to go!!

  • I just moved to Austin from living in SF (right by where both of the cable cars crossed each other. Best place to live) after three years. It is a great city and you are right the clam chowder is a must have.