In an episode sure to appeal to the outdoorsy type, No Barriers with Joel Barish goes on an adventure in New Zealand beginning with a Helipro helicopter tour of Rotorua. After landing, Joel visits Te Puia, a Maori heritage center learning about the history of the people of New Zealand, then visits the famous geysers that supply fresh, clean water. Like the locals do, Joel stays outdoors by taking a ride in a water-filled bubble down a hill, known as the Zorb with an unique vantage point. Using the Agro Ventures speedboat and Shweeb hanging bike, Joel experiences exciting adventures not to be found anywhere else in the world, including the Polynesian Spas hot mineral bathing. Visiting a kiwi farm, Joel learns to eat the fruit with the skin on, like the locals do. Visiting a deaf-owned dairy farm, Joel interviews the owner Craig, tries to milk a cow, and drives a tractor. Returning to Auckland, he visits the Auckland Tower, eats in its restaurants, and goes back down by way of bungee jumping from the tower using SkyJump. Another deaf-owned business selling Maori jewelry is found when Joel interviews Brent and William, with Sonia as interpreter. A famous Deaf artist, Shaun, is interviewed about the national and local maps he has drawn for the country, as well as the New Zealand Sign Language dictionary. Finally, Joel visits the Schischka engineering company where steel and different tools are made, and interviews two different Johns about the company.

An around-the-world trip took Joel to seven countries and many different successful Deaf individuals! In just two weeks, No Barriers with Joel Barish traveled via air to spend about two days in each city and truly showcases how empowered deaf people are all around the world. The trip was a positive outlook on the potential of deaf people to succeed in any aspect. No Barriers with Joel Barish would not have been able to complete the trip if it were not for tourism offices in each country. The offices provided Joel with local Deaf tour guides and accommodations to promote their countries, and No Barriers with Joel Barish is always open to new ideas and locations and partnerships with local tourism offices.


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  • Wow deafnation was here in NZ but it miss the deaf club oh dear but very good to see a show you out on & to met deaf people wow yes fun NZ is when you come to NZ see how green it is here the South Island is very good place to see on the West Coast but yes do come to vists NZ all do to the deaf club as well we ;love to see you thier thank again. Ewen K Wilson..

  • Fantastic video. We showed this to all the members on Friday night. Excellent promotion for New Zealand 🙂

  • There were 41 deafies included me and my husband that had been to New Zeland and Australia in 2001 and so many things to see such like Rotoura,NZ and also got to see Sydney, Australia and there were 8 deafies that climbed up to that Sydney Bridge (very brave) and me – no way but my husband certainly went up there but anyway we all had a very very great and blasting for 2 weeks!!

  • Joel

    I am glad that you showed whole thing in NZ to education us and strongly recommendation to see various places. It is very helpful and fascinated to seeing places. It is really inspired me to seeing Deaf people can do their skill in jobs to show hearing world. I really thanked you for a marvelous job to involve this trip to show us. It makes me to visiting to NZ so badly.

    You did fantastic job !



  • Hi Joel Barish,
    Please advise me how can i find Shaun’s contact?
    I am a Deaf artist cum art director in my school.
    I would like to share and learn about art issues with him.
    Lim Anuar.

  • Wow! I really missed New Zealand and Australia. I would love to go back again. Hope will come soon when I am retirement.
    Thanks for show me!

  • Hello Joel Barish

    What a cool video! I would like to know if you are planning to go to Fiji in the South Pacific to make a video. I am from Fiji and a current student at Gallaudet University.

    Fiji has a Deaf community mostly seen in the Suva, capital city of Fiji.

    Hope you will make it one day.

  • NZSL is official language in New Zealand. It is big victory for the deaf people both in New Zealand and abroad!

  • I love this Zorb water bubble! and also there’s another wild Jet boating thrills spins and adrenaline. CHAMP! I’m surprised that kiwi with the skin on can be eaten. I never thought of that. I always peel off the skins before eating. Very Interesting! Thanks for a wonderful video! =)

  • I absolutely respect your work Joel. Why, because you make my work easier.!
    As a Career Education Teacher in a school for the deaf, I use all your hard work to teach my students that Deaf CAN! Can make a decent living with a college education or without; in the US or other parts of the world; Hard work and dedication pays off heartily.

    Thank you