The last stop on the Around the World trip takes you to Sydney, Australia! Joel has an action-packed 30 hour stay down under takes you on a whirlwind tour. Joel climbs to the top of the famous Harbour Bridge and to the top of the Sydney Tower for breathtaking views of the city. Ride a ferry through the Circular Quay to visit the Taronga Zoo and see Kangaroos and Koala Bears up close before feeding carrots to Giraffes. Tour the iconic Sydney Opera House and get a taste of unique Australian pizza at the Australian Hotel before getting up at 5:30 in the morning to witness the seafood auction at the world famous Sydney Fish Market where wholesalers buy fresh fish to deliver all over the world. You’ll be amazed at how many things you can do in such a short time, all in Sydney!

Special Thanks to Tourism Australia

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  • I realyy enjoyed to watch your video in Sydney because I went there 5 years ago. I didn’t see Skywalk Tower at the time, it seems that it is a new tower. I have to go there again. Remember that I am beachbum and I love Bondi Beach which is a popular beach for Sydney about approximately twenty minutes drive from Circular Quay. Thanks for sharing again. Jay

  • I wondered if you have asked the zookeeper to let you a hold of Koala in your arms, and tell the viewers how you feel.. That’d be cool. BTW, I really enjoy watching this video, espcially inside the famous iconic Opera in Sydney. Thank you for sharing.

  • What a beautiful view from the top of the skywalk tower! I’m too chicken to be at the top of the tall tower ha ha. Cute animals! Wow! How brave you are, eating croc & kangaroo pizzas even sliced raw fish without rice! You’re a sushi freak! lol I love it too. I wonder which rock or pacific oyster do you like the most? Was it chewable like a rubber? I never ate that before. I really enjoy watching the adventure you’ve experienced on video! 🙂

  • Ohhh…Australia! One day we will go there!! Thanks for your tips especially the first stopover in Sydney. Although my hubby and I are the pizza lovers, we don’t think we would try alligator and kangaroo meat! Eewww!! You were so brave to taste them! Walking over the bridge looks fantastic! We are not frightened of high heights so it’s a MUST-DO in our list!! Many thanks!

  • Maybe i didn’t stay enough quite as more i could do ..i am so happy that you were near me … are always in my mind ………Sydney ! From Circular quay to Parramatta by Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House after a round at Taronga zoo , my heart was broken in two three months ago when i left Australia … thank you so much …. Thank you for sharing.

  • my boyfriend says want u give me some big jumbo shrimps lolz anyway wow that be nice austrailia we wish go there but cant afford that but enjoy watch u videos wonderful trips 🙂 and nice zoo wow neat!!!

  • I much enjoyed to view ur video in different places u tour. I know u love to eat any kind of sea food. Thank u for ur stories.