The Deaf community is made up of extremely diverse people. From every walk of life, in every corner of the world. Watch this powerful video, a signature statement on just how truly special and global the Deaf community is. With people from 27 different countries participating, We Are Deaf is a special message from us to you.

Want more? Read the behind the scenes blog here and learn about the making of this video!

Thanks to those who took part in this video. Our deepest appreciation goes to:
New Zealand
St. Thomas
United Arab Emirates


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  • Wow! What an impressive video. Makes me happy to be Deaf and unique. You all are in my world! Thanks for sharing.

  • Cotiune Alive thier Deaf World that where you Showed me , this make me feel Good , cuz I am Deaf and I am from Kentucky too… God Bless you !

  • Thanks for sharing the world with me. I loved your video…at times it went a bit too fast because I wanted to look longer on the people you interviewed. I am not deaf but my cousins are and they shared this with me…a BIG THANKS.

  • Bravo à l’ami Joel Barish pour cette magnifique vidéo, qui est un kaléidoscope des richesses de la Culture de notre Communauté des Sourds dans le Monde. Bonne continuation

  • Great work to show that we the deaf can do anything! Happy New Year! Hope 2012 will bring you many more interesting adventures.

  • Beautiful and very inspiring loving work! The video is really uplifting and very pleasurable to watch. Great job!

  • Very proud of our deafs the world and very better feeling the different countries and cultures as well. We strong the friendship deafs in World

    Kamran Lashari

  • Fantastic Video ! My sister is one of these amazing people that take on life everyday Champ; is successful.

  • Congratulations on a beautifully done and well communicated video! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we all have unique gifts to give to the world. What we CAN do matters. Here’s to creating a barrier-free world.

  • wow, a brilliant video, I love it….fantastic for Deaf awareness training, well done to everyone involved….hello from Ireland

  • Thats made me felt proud to being Deaf who is same thing as i have a Skills as they have it. 🙂 Keep it up Good work!


    MEET AMAZING! 🙂 FRIENDS OF COHESION gets stronger world! WE LOVE YOU ALL! 🙂 Tanya (RUSSIA)

  • thank you for excellent video You are Deaf! It is nice knowing around the world of Deaf people. I do appreciated it and enjoy watching. Bravo!

  • Joel/Deaf Nation,
    I was inspired by this vlog on ‘We Are Deaf’! I really enjoyed viewing the various signs for the same term and concepts. This shows that we Deaf do think alike! This one positively does build bridges between our countries in languages and cultures! I certainly will show this to my ASL students! Keep it up!
    Jerry Nichols, Deaf Educator

  • This video deserves some kind of humanitarian award for this inspirational presentation. Beautiful! Thank you Joel for bringing this to light. I found it powerful, inspirational and sensational!

  • This one is really awesome! Your “We Are Deaf”, man! I applaud you, Joel!
    I can’t wait for you to come and visit my business.
    I will be looking forward to hear from you.
    Thank you!

  • Videos like this should be shown to the hearing people to teach them that deaf people are part of our world and that they can think and learn like any other human been. I as a hearing person, every day admire the deaf people! Very good presentation, “esta por el libro…no hay palabras”…

  • Fantastic deaf world video !! you guys did a wonderful job creating this video ! Yes ! We are deaf and can do almost anything we dream of doing !

  • Hi Joel Congratulations…!!! Incredible video champ; good job. I love it world !!!!

    sucess Congratulations…!!! 🙂

  • We deserve that subject as “WE ARE DEAF”, but relate of WE THE DEAF OF THE WORLD instead “WE THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA”.. We have gratitude that DeafNation are superb videos among deaf cultures of the world. They’re great impressive into our life.

  • genial video de la culture des sourds du monde
    felicitations à JOEL BARISH
    nous sommes fiers de la culture des sourds comme les entendants, ils peuvent travailler n’importe ???? important l’accessibilité pour l’onu

    Great video of deaf culture in the world
    Congratulations to Joel BARISH
    We are proud of the deaf culture as hearing people, they can work anywhere?? important access for the UN

  • Hello!
    I’m speak german!

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem hervorragendem Film!!!
    Einwandfreie Werbung für Gehörlose in der ganzen Welt.

    Mehr davon!!!

    Congratulations on this outstanding film!
    Perfect Advertising for the deaf in the world.

    More like this!

  • c’est beau du monde de sourds etranges et l’origine du langues de signes qui sont proches du monde c’est magnifique

    How beautiful the world of the deaf and the origin of sign languages ​​that are close to the world is beautiful

  • Very lovely video ! Positive philosophy…
    We can do everything in expect of hearing !
    Henri from Paris, France

  • Hi have you been to Australia yet? I am deaf and Australia. Have a great day. You lucky to touch the world. Bless you. Amanda

  • Fablous remarks here but what happened to us..the lrish..disappointed that joel never visit us in green emerald lreland…many deaf are here too all over 32 counties ..joel,hope you will visit us soon and mention us in the list of countries
    yeah..we are proud of our deafness+no barriers at all..see you all soon ..John P Doyle

  • That is so AWESOME! I am so glad that you showed this beautiful video to everyone. So they can see what Deaf in the world can do! Hooray! :0)

  • I get goosebump watch this video of beautiful Deaf people around world.
    Me Deaf too from Melbourne
    Love watch again and share this to my friends.
    Thanks ;o)

  • WOW !!! wonderful, so proud of this our deaf world ..we feel can do anything just like the deaf world … keep it up . come on more deaf world ya ya !!!

  • Great and inspiring video! A bit of clarification, in 00:30, for the Philippines, instead of “am I Bingi,” can it be changed to “I am Bingi” or if you would really use the Filipino translation of “I am Deaf (Bingi)”–it would have to be “Ako ay Bingi!” Just a suggestion. Thank you.

  • Loved the video… I too have lived and travel the world many years ago where my parents worked. Proud of you 🙂

  • That’s so AWESOME for deaf world…. Joel Barish is really so wonderful job to meet deaf people in the world about “NO BARRIERS!!”

  • NICE!!

    Sob sob….. None of the Nordic countries

    You should take me here in DENMARK

    Many greetings from Anja Jane, Denmark

  • Hello , I am Hard of Hearing . I like to see all over the different worlds to meet a different cultures and I’m learning by seeing that DEAF ARE SO BEAUTIFUL WITH DIFFERENT LANGUAGES . It is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME !!!!

  • Really AWESOME and Congratulations Joel and he work very hard to see Deaf World and about “No Barrier”! We are DEAF. I hope he will come to Australia. DEAF AUSTRALA… 🙂

  • Hello Joel,

    I read and watched the video WE ARE DEAF…catch that word the language in my country. it should not AM I BINGI…correct AKO AY BINGI here the way in Tagalog language. can you edit the word? thank you sir

    Looking forward

  • I just came across your video. Made me smile; made me proud (of you/your generation). I would now like to live long enough to see Deaf America (leaders and otherwise) become highly visible in the Occupy movement in every city in the country…with regular appearances, tackling every Deaf/human rights issue the culture has been struggling with since 1880/AG Bell Milan etc.). I say this after a life-time of witnessing the exclusion and discrimination Deaf citizens face (increasingly I might add, in spite of the ADA) especially now that Hearing world (Audists) are hell bent, more than every in euthanizing your culture [e.g. HLAA and all of its chapters nationwide; League for HOH; and, of course, the famous/infamous A.G. Bell Assoc. of the Deaf…all determined to wipe out the deaf gene, the key to the culture and the American Sign language that mirrors it]. Lastly, my hope is that you (all) should show up at EHDI in St. Louis Mary 5,6 in support of/with DBA and AFA. I will be there with both of these organizations, which, like your video, give me hope when there is hardly any left regarding the continuation of the Deaf culture in America or around the globe.

  • Hello dear DeafNation,
    I’m surprised that was great DeafNation, and enjoys. I had also been traveling the world, almost the same to me many Deaf people Nationale! I do hope that in the future, wish DaefNationale. Thank you Greetings from Germany Stefan Pufahl

  • Je dis grand bravo à Joêl Barish pour le contact avec des sourds dans le monde où j’ai déja parcouru sans voir autant de sourds en 1990.Tu as de la chance de les connaitre comme j’ai la chair de poule en voyant cela car c’est une grande famille de sourds qu’il est intéressanr d’échanger avec des signes.C’est vraiment une langue universelle pour les sourds que je suis très fier parmi eux…Respectons notre identité avec préservance et dignité…Bye!Ciao!Au Revoir!!!
    Votre admirateur Piero CHERY

    I say thumbs up for Barish Joêl contact with deaf people in the world where I have already traveled without seeing as many deaf 1990. You’re lucky to know them as I have goose bumps seeing this because it is a great family that is deaf to interact with intéressanr signes.C is truly a universal language for the deaf that I am very proud of them … respect our identity and dignity … with préservance Bye! Ciao! Au Revoir!

  • Wow, really fantastic a video, too idea!!!

    I’m proud DEAF!!! Too DEAF World!!!

    GO DEAF!!!

    Greetings from Serbia
    Dusan Nikolic

  • We are the DEAF World – true all different but united through “Deaf Pride”. Yes we can do anything!

  • Greetings from Booneville,Arkansas,USA I’m so exciting about DeafNation have wonderful and great!

  • Esu iš Lietuvos. Sveikinu jus, Joel Barish. Jūs daug keliavote ir dar keliaujate. Pagirtina. Ar esate buvęs Lietuvoje? Mes esame kurčiųjų pasaulyje. Tai puikus.

    I am from Lithuania. I congratulate you, Joel Barish. You have traveled a lot and still traveling. Commendable. Have you ever been in Lithuania? We are a deaf world. That’s wonderful.

  • Beautiful movie around the globe that show we are truly deaf and open door to travelers who wish to learn about different culture, understanding their jobs, life and fun communicate in different sign language. We like to see and learn their countries. Me and my wife are from Malaysia and Thailand but we live in Texas, US. Joel Barish, good job on special movie.


  • thumbs up! i am not deaf but i always respect people, not only the deaf but all others who r physically deprived. u r even better and doing better than many normal people. i salute u! God bless all of u 🙂

  • I am not deaf but I was blessed with the ability to learn and understand American Sign Language at a very young age, although I have never followed up on it until I started high school. I love Sign Language and I love learning about Deaf Culture. There is so much to learn! And so much to love! I’m definitely showing this video to my ASL teacher, who is actually Deaf! Good job on this video! Deaf Power!

  • I myself am Deaf. the whole world of the Deaf is really special and communication thru wsl (world sign language) are awesome.

  • So many different types of sign but they are all so similar! No matter where you go, so long as you know some form of sign you could speak to any Deaf person in the world! Sign language truely is the universal language!

  • This vidoe is AWESEOME, inspiring me. I thank God for creating different people over the world for HIS PLESASURE. It is about the unstoppable love of HIM!

  • Great view of deaf all over the world. My first time viewing it. Puts a smile on me to know different cultures. Excellent job.

  • Hi Joel,
    I am from Iowa, U make me laugh so hard, make me happy than I am depress but U make me smile U are so very funnny!!! I love to watch world deaf and on T.V. are’nt really show world but wow U did fly to travel of world deaf I love to watch I never see before wow I love to see more world but if u need money I would like to donation for u and keep go travel I was wondering how long years u travel??? And I want to see ur home everythings from world give u the things also u bought things what look like u have ur home or apt whatever.
    god bless you and safe travel
    thanks, co

  • This video was beautiful because i got to see how many deaf people there are around the world. ACCOMPLISHMENT, INDEPENDENT, DEAF, WORLD, LOVE. Two ways they spelled out DEAF was there pointer finger and there whole hand going from ear to mouth.

  • I enjoyed this video very much. I think it was cool to see the different way they sign all over the world like for english DEAF is from your ear to chin, but i saw a few other countries they went from chin to ear with their pointer finger. The five signs i learned were DEAF, WORLD, CHEF, EXCELLENT, and SUCCESS. I think that some area where they signed it was too fast for me to try and pick up on since there were no captions but other then that it was fun to watch and see deaf people with hard drive and to show that they’re like everyone else.

  • I just started learning sign language and I’m surprised at how much I need to learn. I didn’t realize there were different ways to sign the same word.

  • I really liked this video, it is inspiring. The way that it had people from around the world repeat the same phrase was really effective. I learned DEAF, WORLD, ART, BREAK THROUGH. Deaf was signed differently where some people used two finders and moved from mouth to ear, some moved from ear to mouth, one woman had an open hand on her mouth and the other open hand over her ear. This really opened up the whole meaning behind ASL and what it can really stand for.

  • This video was beautiful and amazing. I loved all the cultures and languages. I’m new to sign language so this was a little fast for my taste, but I did get a few new signs like, WORLD, DEAF, ARTISTS, COMMUNICATE, and SUCCESS. I also didn’t know the different ways to sign DEAF, like two fingers to the ear down to your mouth and your two fingers to your ear down and put your hand on the hand. Its cool that there are so many people who are deaf and yet you can’t tell.

  • This video impressed me, especially how the many cultures had their differences and similarities when it came to signing and the emotion that was expressed on their faces were natural and alive! I learned some signs, such as CHEF, CULTURES, JOBS, BARRIER, and INNOVATE. A couple of ways deaf was signed was with the middle and pointer fingers and the pointer finger to the chin.

  • I liked the vide, especially with all the different cultures. I learned WORLD, ART, BARRIERS, COMMUNICATE, and CHEF. Some people used their pointer finger and dragged it from their ear to their lip, others used their whole hand and dragged it from their ear to their lip. Their were many jobs I had no idea deaf people had, like the airplane builder and the owner of a popular restaurant.

  • The video was great! I think it might have encouraged those who are deaf around the world and helped others realize that being deaf is a lot more common than what you would think. The 5 words I’ve learned in sign language from this video was DEAF, JOBS, ARTIST, NO BARRIERS, and WORLD. I also thought that how everyone had a little diferrence in the way they each said deaf. Some pointed their fingers from the ear to chin while others pointed their fingers from the chin to the ear. There was also a difference in the way that others extended how they interpreted the sign.

  • the video was great! I think it was very encouraging to the people who are deaf around the world and made other people realize that being deaf is a lot more common than many would expect. The five signs I learned were DEAF, ARTISTS, WORLD, BARRIERS, and SUCCESS. Deaf was a sign that was shown very similarly around the world, but i did realize that some started from the chin to the ear and others started from the ear to the chin; other countries even added a little more to the sign and I thought that was pretty cool. It definitely pretty awesome to see the many ways to communicate in sign language and how every different culture is somehow different.

  • I love how i can see how the signs are a bit different in each place. for example, DEAF, some people signed it from the ear to the mouth, and others signed it from the mouth to the ear, and some signed a bit different then the ear and mouth, and signed from the ear to the hand, or something completely different. I learned the signs BARRIER, WORLD, DIFFERENT, JOB, and TALENT. Thank you for this inspiring video! I love seeing all the different people signing!

  • In the video it was a lot of information in different ways that made me know all the deaf people that succeed whit not a much problems and i also learned in this video how to say I AM DEAF.

  • This video made me learn how to say I AM DEAF some sign from the ear to the mouth and some to the mouth to the ear I also Leander YOU ARE DEAF.It was amazing how all the deaf people in this video succeed to have a job from a fisherman to a chef