Joel gives a few words of thanks to the influential people in his life upon reception of the Alice Cogswell Award for Valuable Service on Behalf of Deaf People, and shows us what the award looks like. What’s next for Joel? Find out here! (captioned)

More information on Gallaudet University Alumni Association

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  • je te félicite pour votre voyage avec contact des sourds du monde BRAVO !!! j’éspère que vous continuez bien très important.

    I congratulate you on your trip contact with the Deaf world BRAVO! I hope you keep well very important.

  • Congratulations! You deserve it! My students at CSD and I watch your V-logs every Friday and we never get tired of it! Thanks for doing your part to contribute back to our community. My ASL students at Ohlone really enjoy your V-logs, too. Good luck on your next projects…

  • Joel… Big congratulations to you AND DeafNation. You are Ambassador of deaf community. You are well deserved and stay on top! Best Regards.

  • Can we name all receipents who won award such as Oscars, Emmy, Nobel Prize, and those prestigious awards?

    Yes, maybe few. All, no.

    I can’t name all winner of LCCF award. Off my head, I remember Steve Nover who won the award.

    But, we can name who made an impact in our life 100% without missiong one person. We can recognize who help us ride th bike. We can point to those were key in help us learn to read and write. We can name who shows rope in life.

    Joel Barish was an example of recognize those who were an instrumental in shaping his life. Those are truly winner and the LCCF award is an mark of Joel’s friends, teachers, and role models who made an impact. Those are simple people that have an enormous influence.

    We must remind ourselves to thank to those who help us and we must give back to the community so that we can attain the betterment of life.

  • Joel,

    Congratulation on your receiving the honor award! You deserve the recognition for your contribution to the deaf community. I have always enjoyed all your videos you made from your around the world travel. You are a GREAT teacher as you taught us so much about the other deaf cultures in other countries. Your “documentary” is the best one on the deafness and should be nominated for an Oscar award.

    Keep up good job, Joel! I support you all the way,