From the beauty of classic cars and architecture to the captivating culture and people, Joel Barish described his eight-day long adventure in and around Havana, Cuba in his vlog, which is the first of more videos and pictures soon to come in the following weeks. (captioned)


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  • Wow, you in Cuba!? MUST bring more video as much as you can!! It’s HUGE, unlikely to other countries. This one is def. unique!

    Best wishes,

  • I enjoy watching all your videos. It helps me to learn different signs and gives me the opportunity to travel the world from my computer.

  • Your tales make me many goosebumps and glad you met Deaf cigar maker in Cuba. Look toward to watch your films in Cuba.

  • Thanks to sharing everybody. My whole families are from Cuba in San Jose de las Lejas that is in Havana. I am so appreciate to show and to go there more experience there for foods, people, music, and cigars. I am always thinking of Cuba in my heart because it belongs my family.

  • My dear Josel, A great thank you for your good programmes of Havana tour video with USA deaf signal language ( ASL ) in the world today as you Josel’s adventure in Havana as ever I have seen you Josel the best of Deafnation. I am very interesting to see your good news, a good public and communication for deaf people ,a good deaf education, a good adventures and a good photos and video the best in the world today. I am very proud of you Josel.

  • I won the Employee of the Year in 2007 then the prize was a free stay in Cayman Island for 5 days, then I look up map if I find any interest to visit. I found out that the plane round-trip between Havana and Cayman Island then I figure out how to get into. I did my homework and found a wonderful website that catering Americans visit Cuba without government approve. It turned out most memories of my lifetime trip in Cuba. I stayed in Cuba for 10 days in summer of 2008. It was worth . I returned home safety . I send the package to my home address from Cayman Island by Fed Ex after purchase goods from Cuba.

  • I really enjoy hear for the first time of Deaf Cuba it pretty awesome some day will visit Cuba meet new friends there.

  • Hello,
    My name is Yamile, currently living in Austin, Texas, and taking ASLIT at ACC. I am originally from Havana, Cuba. WOW!!!!, it is all I can say about your video. I am so glad you had the opportunity to visit my country, especially my beloved Havana. I found out about your website one night at class when my teacher Angela Campion, outstanding teacher, talked about it. I am so grateful she did!!! I am looking forward to watch more of your videos, and to drink a mojito at the very same restaurant, House of the Beer, you recorded this video. Congratulations!!! and Muchas Gracias.

  • It is very interesting to learn about diversity. I am from Colombia. Watching your videos, makes me think about filming something in Colombia, it is very similar to the film you made from Cuba.
    You have learned the richest Deaf culture and diversity. Congratulations!!

  • Lydia i never see my relative still live in cuba i would to like visit cuba father raised there when he find job at new york where i am born in NYC …thank many for watch yur tube…

  • Hello. My ismady. I grow up from Cuba and Havana. I remember everything hard life, not enough food and lot walk no have car and few car my family hard life I seeing everything and not good school i go everyday early for school far I wait to bus alway everyday hard life and hungry alway my family want move to Florida in 1994 7year old move to America I get dizzy America very different and life lot learn to America thank thank to my mom dad I learn lot I happy learn… I never forget about Cuba Havana and thank you for show the worlds Cuba…