Joel shares his experience in Guatemala. Guatemala Tour sponsored by Sorenson VRS.

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  • Joel: Thanks for all that has touched my our country in Guatemala!
    In this video that shows you are and what we present in our culture in the country of Guatemala for us to know in every country.
    We Guatemalans I appreciate all!
    Thanks Joel!
    I hope we come back soon!
    God bless you.
    Brenda Fajardo

  • I really enjoyed all of video about your trips in Central America. One things that made me wondering is that you seems haven’t stop by Costa Rica because in the past I have watch the Deaf Mosnic, sorry that I got blank mind about how to spell it, the old Galludet show about deaf in the world anyway they said that there is 50% deaf people lives there and I wondering if it is true. Maybe you could travel there??? It is not big deal but just wondering. Keep on good work, you are still the best in traveling doc!