Nyle is working hard to succeed and show the hearing world that the Deaf community is not only strong and talented, but they can bring many benefits to everyone else. Joel asks the Deaf community to stand behind Nyle and give him support so he can continue being a role model for not only the Deaf community but for Deaf children around the country. Hearing people think we may not have much to give them, so let’s show them they’re wrong. Give your support to Nyle! (captioned)


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  • I just watch on video about Nyla dimarco and peta very wonderful dance he doing good dance of deaf people life future I am happy for him congraduation good luck!!!

  • Having been indirectly involved with the deaf community since my daughters birth, I have watched the changes that have taken place in the years since the early frustration of trying to get any help for her. She has grown up to be a wonderful activist for the deaf as a high school teacher, television actress, legislative activist, and active spokesperson for the deaf in Sacramento, Arizona and anywhere she can get anyone to pay attention.
    Deanne Bray has become a hard working young woman whose primary aim is to close the unnecessary gap between the hearing and deaf communitys. Those like Nyle DiMarco and my daughter need all assistance available to see their task is made easier to achieve.