If it was required for you to have a Deaf sticker on your car as a Deaf driver, would you be okay with it? Despite Deaf and hearing people having no difference in driving abilities, hearing drivers would now unnecessarily be aware of Deaf drivers. Joel shares his opinion on the idea in this video. (captioned)


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  • I agree with about 95% of everything, as well. I think it’s very misleading and can cause stalking, tailing, etc., as you said, especially from hearing individuals that tend to assume that deaf people aren’t capable of being drivers, let alone safe drivers. However, I am searching for a smaller sticker for my drivers side window, simply because in my experience, the police dept and emergency personnel in my area aren’t as patient when it comes to explaining that they have to speak clearer and FACE ME when speaking to me, especially on the left side which my window is on, so I find it easier for them to know before I even roll down my window, so they can hopefully prepare themselves to communicate in the way that I need. If that makes sense. Cool blog!