Holy Land Institute for the Deaf(HLID) in Salt, Jordan, opened in 1964 as a small school. Since then, it has been in an almost continual state of expansion, trying to meet some of the great needs in Jordan and throughout the Middle East.

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  • wow! i am so proud of this deaf school. this video inspired me! thank you joel barish for sharing this video!

  • It’s so amazing to learn more about their way of running the deaf school by private monies. And teaching students in many ways of things that they can use for future careers. That’s something in U.S. deaf schools could use that than relay on goverment monies. Now most of deaf schools shut down because lack of budget.
    I feel that I want to be in their world to help others.. Thank you Joel to share and let us experienced your richess big heart for deaf people.. We learn alot new from you.. God bless you..