Joel takes a last minute, spontaneous 48 hour stop over in Istanbul, Turkey! Armed with his iPhone and GoPro, he documents his experiences eating and sightseeing in this cultural hub of a city. FInd out more about Istanbul in this engaging video. (captioned)


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  • Merhaba kardeşim Türkiye hoş geldin.Türkiye tebrikler.Teşekkür ederim 🙂

    Hi bro Turkey would welcome tebrikler.Teşekkür geldin.Türkiye

  • Thank you for sharing your travels through Istanbul. It was nice seeing you in Sofia. One of these days, I hope to visit Turkey.

  • I’ve always wanted to come to visit Turkey because of lots of historical places. How can I contact some deaf Turkish people, so that he or she can tour me around the cities and explain about many stuff? I can be reached at and I hope I can get some helpful information, so that I can contact them first before I fly to Turkey. Thanks.