Check out the theatre for the Deaf in Oslo, Norway… the Teater Manu! It’s the theater that gives performances in both spoken and sign languages. Joel introduces us to Mira, the theatre manager, who explains to us the background of Teater Manu. We get to go behind the scenes of their two current shows, “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “Three Deaf Men.” Only here do you get the inside scoop, and to meet each actor whose involved in the plays. Be amazed and fall in love with Teater Manu for what it has to offer!

Teater Manu

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  • Wowowowowow!!! I’d LOVE to go there and watch the show… meeting these friendly staffs/people…. I’m VERY impressed with Mira as she has full of energy to do that…. her dream has accomplished… but more to come…. ; D Thanks for showing this on

  • yes .. I am not suprise this,,, cost of living in Norway is not cheap as America or Europe,,,, due of 50% sales taxes and 50% income taxes for every cizten of Norway.. so that way they got free medical benfits for every Norwayian.

  • there wonderful that real good news Yes need for deaf people need to use sign langague hands for understand clear that let hearing people see and understand very important . there no shame as same Jesus live on earth and show His love and help them for understand that say in Bible . Thank God for send His Son on earth How God love everyone but keep away from devil and lock for ever life Amen. Yes right keep to ask for help. that how help in your body and be happy for good .

  • Wow! I’m very impressed with the awesome deaf theatre. I really want to go there someday. Great job Mira! Thanks for sharing your video with us. =)

  • wow oslo, norway… Who is theatre for deaf people in there and some deaf world come to learn how sign languages together for theatre show. i am watch short show of theatre in oslo i never seem that before wow i said wow i like kind of nice show withmira’s idea for deaf theatre is good show with sign than voice speak on teatre. When deaf people can’t hear that. When deaf people want see to sign on teatre than hearing’s speak without sign. I like this show in oslo, that’s wonderful!!!! thumb up!