Making his final stop in his travels of Norway, Joel heads to Oslo, the country’s capital! We open by showing you the world’s largest ski jump! Next, we get a chance to meet a Deaf seamstress who designs and makes costumes for operas, ballets, and such performances! Joel wraps up Oslo with a meal at the oldest restaurant in all of Oslo! Take in the winter experience in Oslo!

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  • My grandfather was born in Olso and came to America with his brother and married my grandmother from Sweden in South Dakota..

  • Grat vlog. Norway is my ancestral home and I have been in touch with one of my Norwegian cousins. He lives in Oslo and I have not met him in person. Your vlog inspires me and be proud of Deaf woman who made ballet dresses. Awesome! I look forward to fly to Norway in the near future! I do enjoy your vlogs very much!

  • My mother’s ancestral family lived in Norway and Denmark a long ago. My forefathers were vikings there.