On another stop in Norway, Joel experiences riding a boat around the coast of Norway to see the fjords. One of Norway’s well known traits is its fjords. What are they? Find out here! After riding on the boat, Joel gets on board of the Oslo-Bergen route, known as one of the best train rides in the world. This train opened in 1909 for transportation and deliveries. Learn the story of how the railroad was made! Join Joel on those rides and enjoy the snow!

Teater Manu http://www.teatermanu.no
Visit Norway http://www.visitnorway.com
The Fjords http://www.thefjords.no


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  • I love watching joel barish’s show as he show the best places to visit… someday would love to go norway…. keep it up joel… love watching your show of traveling… god bless you….

  • Interesting story about a man made a tunnel by his hands. Thanks for the story of mountains along with boat and beautiful exist train since 1909.