Joel makes another stop in Norway, in Bergen this time. Vikings established Bergen, and it turned into a well-known fishing port. Joel makes stops at the fish market and a well-known restaurant that is a must when in Bergen. Joel walks into crooked buildings and checks out the world’s largest Gingerbread City! In between, he meets a Deaf-owned fruit company that employs Deaf workers. Joel ends the tour of Bergen with a ride in the cable car, a view of Bergen during the ride.

Teater Manu
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  • this video is awesome …. That Bergan town is neat and beautiful …. also you made me drooling when you ate fancy dinner ….. I hope to visit there someday ….. Thanks for a share ….. Thumbs up !!!

  • Bergen town is really neat colorful and peaceful especially the fishes looks so fancy fresh to eat. Business owner of GOFruit.NO is impressive deaf owner with many deaf workers to pack backets of fresh fruits. Thanks for the video.