We visit the world famous Herend Porcelain factory in Herend, Hungary where four Deaf women work as artists painting stunning artwork on porcelain pieces. Take a behind-the-scenes tour as we see how porcelain is made, learn about the daily life of these employees, and enjoy the world-class quality of work the Deaf employees put forth!

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  • Dear Joel!

    Thank you very much for the movie. I am very glad of this, for showing the fate of the Deaf colleagues. The longer you very good luck!

    Sincerely, Erika


  • Not only Joel is host of “No Barriers With Joel Barish,” he is also a narrator, an educator, and philanthropist. Every video I watch of his show, I get more impressed. This show SHOULD be on television!

  • Joel I am constantly impressed with your travels and the deaf folks you seem to find along the way, so where are you off to next ????