Joel landed Upernavik and met Deaf Greenlandic hunter, Niels. Niels took Joel to his village of Innaarsuit and gave him a village tour. Greenland Tour sponsored by Greenland Tourism & Business Council.

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  • That’s very interesting all 6 video clips. Wonderful experience for you! I enjoyed them all. The blue iceberg in Greenland is very beautiful view. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Hello, Joel…
    I am a Riverside, CA resident and know your brother, Jed thru bowling via Stan Booth.

    Anyway, all of your videos were really fascinating. I have a question that I am really curious about: When someone in a village, dies, what happens to the body, you know, final resting place?

    Thanks in advance for a reply at your earliest convenience.

  • Unicrorn whale has other name, it is called Norwhal. Still watching your films since four days, about two hours or three a day and seems like endless but it is very impressive… best shows so far better than currently TV shows. :^)