The first stop of the trip, Athens greets Joel with authentic gyros and historical ruins such as the Acropolis. Along with taking in the local sights, smells and tastes, Joel meets Stoufis Ioannis, president of the Greece deaf sports association, with Ted Staroyannis as interpreter. Athens is the location of the 2013 Deaflympics. Joel goes to an espresso bar owned by a deaf person, Christos Dagres, who aims to prove that deaf people can own a successful business. After visiting deaf individuals, Joel visits the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the former location of the deaf school, and shares a brief history of the area. In Central Market, a great dinner is had with intestines, bread, Greek zucchini, and wine.

An around-the-world trip took Joel to seven countries and many different successful Deaf individuals! In just two weeks, No Barriers with Joel Barish traveled via air to spend about two days in each city and truly showcases how empowered deaf people are all around the world. The trip was a positive outlook on the potential of deaf people to succeed in any aspect. No Barriers with Joel Barish would not have been able to complete the trip if it were not for tourism offices in each country. The offices provided Joel with local Deaf tour guides and accommodations to promote their countries, and No Barriers with Joel Barish is always open to new ideas and locations and partnerships with local tourism offices.


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  • Hi Joel,

    wow, i love it watch and i would like meet you at lax this january 21 or 22? from new zealand?
    Thank you
    kazimierz(kazio) chodak

  • Hey Joel,

    Wow! you went around the world, that you were good experienced and knowledge about many different deaf people. I liked world about culture. My name is Ning. I am from Thailnd, and i will be going to study at Galladuet. I lived in Gallaudet in five last years. I am glad to meet to you. Thank you. Ning

  • Athens, Greece…very interesting..thanks for sharing with us. We studied art history at Gally and Greece was one of them, memorized names inside and outside of buildings and its altar in Greece. Other countries include America copied Greece’s building designs.