Still touring in Croatia, Joel stops in at a bakery shop in a small town outside of Zagreb, to learn of a valued custom of the cultural heritage of Croatia! In this bakery, we learn how licitars, biscuits of honey dough, are made from scratch! Licitars are part of Croatia’s cultural heritage and a traditional symbol of Zagreb. We join Joel to marvel at his expertise in baking and decorating a licitar! In the end, you’d be debating on whether you’d eat one or hang it up to decorate your home!  (captioned)

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  • Thank you, I’ll always remember who you are and your crew “Family & friends.” I promise you that I will always tell anyone about what or who you are! You are legend of Deaf Nation! ( Notory hand stamp ) It make me feel that I am part of you and learn so much of what you do and continue to make me smile. Life is not easy but always make people smile when someone is watch you. Should I call you holy grail of Joel Barish? ha Thanks again.
    David G Bardell

  • So funny that u drew on own heart and u said other woman draw very good on other heart very good and she told u that u were a good draw on ur own heart and the way u express and make me laugh so hard and i think that it is so wonderful to have a good experience that u did smile and i know that it is not easy around the world but still u are very lucky that u keep travel lot smile .