In Croatia, we meet a Deaf owner of a greenhouse business. We go in for a tour, and we learn how they grow crops all year long! The owner takes us around, and we’re filled with fresh… organic… healthy goodness! We have this chance to learn how the environment inside a greenhouse operates and walk through endless rows of vines and greens! (captioned)

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Association of private renters “Hvare moj”

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  • Interesting documentary! We raise garden at home and now understand better where we failed. We will try to grow them right next time only if we can get rid of gophers. They are every where that makes it difficult to keep them under control. Thank you for airing the documentation.


  • What a great organic! I’ve been buying grocery stores for vegetables and fruits. I was amazed to see the deaf man who owner. I really wish to grab those fresh cucumbers and lettuce. BIG WOW!

  • I’m very impressed to see the deaf man’s own business. It’s about time to see real world. Let me say to myself, My favorite to eat vegetables and fruits. It’s extremely helps our body stay healthy…:)