Ever heard of Dubrovnik? Doesn’t sound familiar? Worry not! Joel invites us to his exploration of this small but cultural city! We get to see and learn how Dubrovnik used to be its own country away from Croatia. With a history steeped in the buildings and their 1-mile long wall, we go in and learn the way of life. How do they survive inside with a wall around the city? Come in and learn with Joel! (captioned)

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  • I have been to Croatia often before arriving in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovigna (spelling), you should try to visit Split, Croatia. It is so beautiful there too.
    Good food and friendly people there as well.


  • What a great video! The videographer really captured Dubrovnik. I remember all of the places he highlighted; can’t wait to go back. Nice to see Vitorrio ; Clara Stones too 😉