Joel’s first stop in Brussels, a historical city and the home of the European Union, is the Manneken Pis, a small statue of a prince from a local legend and finding a genuine Belgian waffle, covered with chocolate, strawberries, banana and whipped cream. Visiting Liege, the home of the deaf museum, Centre Robert Dresse, Joel interviews the great-grandson of Antoine Dresse, the co-founder along with Rubens Alcais of the original Deaflympics organization, C.I.S.S. History is shared and a tour is given of the museum. After understanding the local deaf heritage, Joel meets Adam Kosa, the first Deaf member of the European Parliament, from Hungary and chats about his success in politics. More Belgian chocolate is had, of course, at the Zaabar chocolatier, before Joel tries some Belgian mussels and frites, the local dish. No Barriers With Joel Barish also takes you to visit the European Union of the Deaf where Joel interviews Mark Wheatley, the Executive Director. Special thanks to the Belgium Tourism Office

An around-the-world trip took Joel to seven countries and many different successful Deaf individuals! In just two weeks, No Barriers with Joel Barish traveled via air to spend about two days in each city and truly showcases how empowered deaf people are all around the world. The trip was a positive outlook on the potential of deaf people to succeed in any aspect. No Barriers with Joel Barish would not have been able to complete the trip if it were not for tourism offices in each country. The offices provided Joel with local Deaf tour guides and accommodations to promote their countries, and No Barriers with Joel Barish is always open to new ideas and locations and partnerships with local tourism offices.

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  • Your tour in Belgium impressed me so much. Excellent topics about Belgium for our Deaf community to understand the empowerment of the deaf and its culture. It has heart! Stirring, satisfying and Oscar-bound for the Best Story Series something!

  • Amazing video about food, even chocolates. I will go there for sure. The Waffles are international famous and chocolate. Thanks for the outstanding educational Video. Hey Joel, you have tried various kinds of food and still NOT fat?

    I hope to see Deaf TV channel one day.

  • Thats beautiful show and explaintions….someday I will go to Beglium! oh you lost one strawberry fell off on floor, dang! haha thanks for sharing all the info!

    Funny one thing about “Manneken Pis” thank you for the answer info, i was looking for exactly this small ‘manneken pis’ where it come from etc…. because I have small one like this statue metal 5 inches tall in my glass shop! lol

    keep up explore all globe!
    -Ricky Lee
    ~Earthman Glass

  • Next time U are in Europe stop in the Netherlands, at least there will be an American deafie there to be your tour guide LOL