NCL Cruise & 5 Islands

Grabbing a good deal with an ocean view on the Norweigan Dawn ship of the Norwegian Cruise Lines, Joel plans to visit 9 different islands. The trip was a freestyle cruise, which meant Joel could eat whenever he wished and visit any place he liked on the islands. The first stop for Joel is the town of Samana, Dominican Republic, and the private island of Cayo Levantado, where he touches the world-famous, unspoiled beach. Next, swimming in the Baths National Park on Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands, Joel relaxes in a natural environment surrounded by monumental rocks. In Antigua, Joel visits one of the 365 beaches. You could visit a different one daily for a year. After a lunch of fresh, just-caught conch, he gets a great massage and chats with deaf people selling trinkets. Visiting Barbados next, Joel stops in a sugarcane field, one of the island’s main exports, sees bananas growing, and glimpses the island’s famous green monkeys. On the island of St. Kitts, Joel meets with three deaf tour guides from the Caribbean Deaf Children Foundation who showed him around the island. On Nevis, Joel meets a deaf person who makes crafts, as well as visits a school for the deaf and the famous Brimstone Hill Fortress. The trip was cut short by a detour due to engine failure near Puerto Rico, so Joel visited five islands in all.

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  • Hello Joel,
    I hope you enjoyed your visit to Samana, Dominican Republic. It seems like you had a nice time exploring the beautiful Peninsula. Thank you for your interest in the DR.

  • We have been enjoyed your cruise experience on NCL. Also RCL in the past. We would love to hear your opinion on the difference between RCL and NCL. Dining and entertainment experience at the cruise, not the islands. That would be very much appreciated.

  • YOu are a true explorer. Sorry that your ship gotten down, at least you went thru the tours. Welcome home. Next time you are in Miami stop by for visit for famous Cuban food with me and some deaf friends and see the real cuban town in Miami.

  • Great video!! I love turquoise jewelry. My favorite color, It’s very beautiful stones. And also I like the color of heart necklace. Looks like you had fun by walking through the baths trail of the private island of Cayo Levantado that is so beautiful. I really want to go there one day. =)