In Bangkok, the biggest city in Thailand, No Barriers with Joel Barish visits the Thailand National Association of the Deaf and its vice-president Surasak, along with the deaf sports association. Traveling on a motorbike with Jay, a Deaf local, Joel takes in the sights of the city, as well as by riding on a boat in the “express lane” on the river to beat the traffic. Visiting a coffee shop owned by deaf woman Apiradee, Joel tries some local coffee before eating grilled pork from a street stall, owned by a deaf man for over 30 years. Bangkok has several deaf-owned businesses, and Joel visits yet another deaf-owned store where 4 deaf people work. Going through a floating market where everything is done in boats, Joel stops to see the market before visiting a deaf-owned sock factory. Kamol, the owner of the factory, is interviewed, and then Joel visits a deaf-owned flower shop, and interviews the owner Chokochai.

An around-the-world trip took Joel to seven countries and many different successful Deaf individuals! In just two weeks, No Barriers with Joel Barish traveled via air to spend about two days in each city and truly showcases how empowered deaf people are all around the world. The trip was a positive outlook on the potential of deaf people to succeed in any aspect. No Barriers with Joel Barish would not have been able to complete the trip if it were not for tourism offices in each country. The offices provided Joel with local Deaf tour guides and accommodations to promote their countries, and No Barriers with Joel Barish is always open to new ideas and locations and partnerships with local tourism offices.


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  • This is an extreme humongous of the DEAF OWNERS, I like their optimistic attitudes of saying ” I can DO IT “. Its just like hearing world. 🙂 Oh my, I love those beautiful unique flip flops. I would buy unique flip flops from Thailand, Korea, or other countries. *Giggles*
    You did a very GLORIOUS job!

  • Wow..Great Deaf Bangkok..!!! People deaf bangkok can do own business of deaf all. Good luck.. Thailand is such very beautiful and fun.. smileeee

  • yeah i will someday visit Bangkok, Thailand would be nice to meet deaf people..Joel has great experience travel world…keep deafnation cheer up

  • Hi,
    That’s really amazing video of Thailand. Jay Bunnag was my high school classmate in Edmonds, WA.. so it was good to see him in the video. Keep up the excellent work!!


  • yeah, it is very beautiful in thailand. but many difference in place. I know about thailand. it is my an experience in thailand. but hard life. some people got successful own business. I will support for thai deaf people in northeast thailand. but many people are poor.

  • Thanks Joel, that’s truly remarkable. Talking about successful Deaf individuals in Thailand, my Bangkok accommodation was run by a Deaf couple. They were charming and went out of the way to make my stay comfortable.

  • i am going to thailand in january with my brother, i am deaf, my brother is not deaf, i would like to visit the deaf school, do you know how to arrange this, also i would like to meet deaf people in bangkok,can you give me any information on meeting deaf people, thank you, Franky.

  • There were GREAT experiencing for you to see many people in Bangkok, Thailand. You were excited to see many deaf people who opportunity to work hard as can they do it! My mom taught students in High School teacher in Bangkok but I went to Thailand School for the Deaf for 5 or 8 months. It was different for me to make me very shock for that list rule. I wish you would go to see this Thailand School for the Deaf. I forgot that name of deaf school OH WELL, JOEL.

  • I GLAD ALL SEE WOW OWN BUSINESS I LIKE CAN WORK OWN IN USA IN detroit,mi. i hope see to u. I try self working to the clothes in Detroit,mi.

  • Hi, WOW I watched a video of your travelling around Thailand. It’s very interesting. I went to Thailand with Deaf people for trekking in the North Thailand last four years ago. I stayed at the hotel in Bangkok for first night and last day where close the market. I met many deaf people there. They were very nice. I bought a picture of the elephants from a deaf lady in the shop before return home. I remember this is by Deaf Artist.

  • Hey That’s a great experience, but for my Part I’m french so maybe it just needed to have subtitles, coz I don’t know any of thai sign or American sign, I just have French sign, I just catch some similar signs
    But great job
    in october i’m going to thailand and I would like to meet some deaf or visit school for impared earing!
    if you have some adress to give me thank you very much