Take a tour of the Garden Cafe in Bohol and see why with almost 30 Deaf employees, it’s a terrific place to eat! There’s an Old Western theme to the restaurant, but it stands out because of its delicious food. Take a look inside the kitchen and sit down for a terrific meal at the Garden Cafe!

This cafe and job opportunities were made possible through IDEA. For more information, visit www.ideadeaf.org

Thanks to ZVRS for making our Around The World 3 trip possible with their sponsorship.

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  • What an analyzing experience seeing how ingredients are put together for one great wild west horseback riding! By the way I miss the Philippines. Had great students there!

  • Hi Mr. Barish, good job, you are invading the kitchen of Garden Cafe. I have been here many times with friends usually. Been here since this was built until it developed to something different. Good food, nice ambiance, clean, uniquely designed. I love their fries with thousand island dressing, I also love many things in there such the one in this video wrapped like shawarma (what’s the name?). They also have spare ribs. There are lots to discover and re discover in Garden Cafe. Thanks for this videoblog, there is always another thing to look forward to in Tagbilaran City: to stop at Garden Cafe.