Joel makes the quickest stopover of his entire trip in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. He stops over in the bordertown of Tachilek. In his three-hour visit, Joel takes a quick ride around town and visits the Shewdagon Paya, a gold covered temple and pays his respect to the country. After touring the market, Joel surprisingly bumps into two young deaf children, and teaches them their first sign! Watch this short and fun border crossing!

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  • Joel,

    I have saved my passport with few countries stamps while I was living in Germany and I suggest you do the same . Just for Memorabilia to share your children and grandchildren.

  • Yeah I tried to save that temproary brown passport by Myanmar but they took it away from me. I did take a picture of it. 🙂

  • Burma Deaf kids learned the first sign language “I love you” from you is a big time thrill!! That reminds me when Alice Cosgwell learned first few new words from Thomas Gallaudet. Can you imagine how Gallaudet feel when he taught Alice back then? I love it. This is a beautiful insirping!! Kudo to you, Joel.

  • It was good impressive and crowd people who are working and some do not. You got finally met two small cute deaf kids but you would have plenty time to see them again. If you travel there and be warning for you to see many people live area where you are. Some dangerous area where you are somewhere. I got heard from my mom who was explaining to me all the time.I was born in Myanmar but now I am in America. Be beautiful successfully future, JOEL.

  • Hi, Joel.
    I was from Myanmar. I am living in US because I’m currently student of Rochester Institute of Technology. I expect you must to visit at Yangon (Rangoon) and Mandalay where are the largest deaf communities in Myanmar. I believe that you would like to see different cultures and famous places someday. I actually want to be help you for interpret both ASL and Myanmar sign language anywhere places and deaf communities in Myanmar.
    Nay Lin Aung