Joel meets with Gi-Bum Kim, a 71-year old Deaf man in Seoul, Korea. Kim practices the art of Seoye,
a form of East Asian Calligraphy. Join Joel as he visits Kim and sees the beautiful and deliberate
process of translating the bible using Seoye.
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  • I have always admired the callagraphy in Orients’ language. I know it is their writing but in America, we call it an art. Mr. Kim is correct, there is an enlish writing in callagraphy and I’ll bet it is an art to Asian too.

  • I admired heartily to him for his hard working to perserve his tradition. He looks very nice person who willing Joel to invite him in and show him his art.

  • Beautiful callagraphy. I never forget when I was young kid read a book about history of callagraphy. I always saying want to try learn to write. It’s very interesting see Deaf man writing into bible book. He did amazing job. It’s really nice of him writing Joel’s name with the Date. It’s awesome!!

  • Joel,
    I really like your videos. Especially the videos from Korea, I am from South Korea. It is difficult for me to type English, I had my son help me tpye this comment. I would like to see more videos from Korea, and I hope maybe to see you in my travels. Thank you for all you do.
    Thank you,