Joel goes up north to the Korean borders to visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The DMZ divides North and South Korea, and is one of the most heavily guarded borders anywhere in the world. Take a look at one of the rare places where politics and the military meets, and where an actual line is drawn to separate the two Koreas’ differences. Take this rare look where tourists cannot visit freely, with a behind the scenes media tour of the DMZ.

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  • I feel you get there so brave to see person of north korean. even I will touch that line of dmz. be sure full of thoughts everything… keep safe for me here and peace bye

  • One thing I want to say “WOW!” What a brave person you are! Wow! I myself know a lot about history of North Korea and South Korea. Also Korean War, life in North Korea and everything like this. Now I think you are first deaf person to visit DMZ, aren’t you? Maybe? Lol. Anyway, I want to say Thank You for show us your experience at DMZ. It is amazing and interesting to see you tour DMZ for us especially me because I am interest in history of North Korea and South Korea. I am appreciate that. Thank you. Good Night, Joel Barish.

    P.S. travel more! (I warn you: don’t visit North Korea.) 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your teeth grinding experience. Takes guts to explore places like this whereas no one else would dare!

  • I am proud of you what you did on your unique, rare, and brave visit at DMZ. I love world history including on going with research to find any special attraction like DMZ. Finally I got complete clear picture of what is inside of DMZ through your wonderful and amazing narration. All I want is BIG thanks to you and staff from DeafNation. BRAVO !!!

  • Thats really cool that you took the risk to go there just so you can share the information and sites with deaf and hearing impaired people. Many of us never even get that kind of information. The fact that you go all over the world to share what you see, is almost like us being able to see it for ourselves. Keep up the good work and thanks for caring about deaf people. Not a lot like in this world and we could sure use more. I love history and I enjoy watching your videos so get stuff like this that I would otherwise never know about. Thanks. Just be safe at all times!

  • You went to DMZ. it is huge risk between two koreas. You are right, They never had formal Peace Treaty. It is very complex problem with North Korea’s mind are massive Ego ! In fact, My Dad’s Father’s Cosion who was Vice Admiral Burke and few other UN Armtice team. It took for 6 months long to find common agreement by line by lines…. It is an formal Grease Fire ever senice that time July 1951. known to the date few attacks by North Koreas more than 25 times.. There is noting, we can do unless, they do something stupid ! here is picture of my late 3rd Cosion Admiral Alerigh Burke as Cheif of Navial Operational and work with two President Ike and JFK .