Joel visits a deaf-owned salon and massage parlor in Seoul with 5 deaf employees. He meets deaf owner Min-Jeong Kang and learns about the process of opening her salon, and talks with some of her employees about working there.  Take a tour of this professional salon in a tour of yet another deaf owned business on No Barriers!

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  • I have a few questions I want to know. I’m wondering how could Profounded Deaf employees communicating with hearing people which are customers? Just use the paper and pen to communicate or use gestures? To keep customers satisfy and time?
    Korea’s, their government are allow to help Deafs’ owned businesses to stay running by paying for their bills for whole the time or pay once from when it was first invested business to open?
    Is it unlike from here or same? I don’t know a lot about business but I’m curious what was it like. I’m aware of opening your own business isn’t easy to manage and deal with the budget, customer satisfactions, health & safety, busy take care of the business, stresses everyday and etc etc.
    Cathy from LA, CAlifornia