Joel Barish travels through Mumbai and takes us with him as he meets some local Deaf business owners. He uses public transportations where there are sections for handicapped people, pregnant women, and more. Joel shows other interesting things to see, and in addition, has clips of Mumbai streets and of local Deaf businesses. You will feel like you’re right in Mumbai along with Joel as you watch this video! (captioned)


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  • Hello Joel,
    On this video “Deaf Businesses in Mumbai”. Why on pink train that only women. One part I understood is pregnant woman reason. Where these women their husband at ? …….. on other train separate? But here USA trolley or train is fine. It got to be something else WHY their way only women on the train ? . What Reason that way…….. what ? ? ? Freedom OR not freedom OR culture OR something else ? Can you explain detail Please.

    Thank you

    • Hi Davy,
      there are more countries doing “women only” train including Japan. Those women can feel safe during the rush hour. Hope it helps.