Joel has a chance to meet Deaf people working at Hong Kong Jockey Club’s horse stable. See how they take care of world famous racing horses under their care.

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  • Hello,

    It was wonderful to see more deaf people out there are involved with the horse business. However I have to ask if any of them have experience with breeding program? The reason why I am asking is because of a pending Human Rights case I have going on. I was denied a job opportunity to learn about the breeding simply because I am deaf regardless my 30 years of experience in the horse business (aside from breeding). Any information you may have would be very helpful in my search for deaf farmers or deaf people working with horses. I also welcome any references you may have if you feel they would be better in answering my questions.


    Freelance Horse Trainer, Canada.

  • It is very interesting to explore the different cultures of another deaf people in another areas in our own world. Its amazing to see lot of them in their success businesses international, That is part of the adventure and learning. Possible lead to get involved in these kind of dreams. In our century, there are lot of possibilities.
    We should be thankful for the DeafNation for brought these programs for us to view.

    Mother of a son who works with St Augustine, Fla Horse carriage C0