Joel and Bradley got to stop over in Hong Kong! Well known for its extensive cityscape, Joel and Bradley had the opportunity to tour and explore for only one day! Their tour guide brings them to local Deaf businesses, and we get to meet locals! You’re in for a surprise… watch Bradley and Joel eat something that is popular in Hong Kong… but, never heard of in America! Take in the city of Hong Kong and join in to the Peak to see all of Hong Kong. It all ends at a round table with Deaf locals. Though it wasn’t enough time to explore, it’s still all so enriching! (captioned)

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  • champ !!!! That video made me watery in my eyes. It brought a good memories when I was in H.K. for six months in 1980. I must visit there again before I go to 6 feet ground.

    I notice the cities change so much since 1980. Wow !!!

    Fabulous video !