Visual Vernacular is a form of physical and visual expression that is becoming popular among Deaf communities in Europe and the US. Deaf people in China are getting on the bandwagon as well. Watch the video to find out why it is so important for us to learn and use in our cultures! (captioned)

Chinese Subtitles 中文字幕: Click here

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  • Wow. I’m so inspired by this workshop of using visual vernacular. I can relate to this 100% because I learnt South African Sign language and I was nervous about how I’d communicate with Deaf people in China since the signs and culture is all different. I really thinking visual vernacular is amazing and look forward to one day attending this kind of workshop to help me communicate with Deaf people around the world regardless of their sign language. I think its amazing how Drama can also be involved in this vernacular. It’s an amazing Art. I love it.