Explore a deaf-owned lighting business in Changsha.

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  • I love the PEN light, really cool I wonder if he has it online for me to order PEN lights MUST be by DEAF man not hearing dealers, IS that possible?

  • Hi,

    this is so cool! I, too, love the pen lights! Hope he will have the website soon so maybe we can buy lights from him. 🙂

  • YES!!! I love the pen lights too!!! Please say that he has a website for us to order those cool pen lights!!! I would be very disappointed if we CANT order anything from his business!!! AWESOME!!! Kudos to his determination to be a successful DEAF businessman in CHINA!!!!

  • Will love to buy that “pen light” — is it possible to order it online, thanks!

    very good story to see.

  • What a great tour… I agree with post comment, it would nice to see have somewhat website that we could peak not matter what laugnage but one day he could be worldwide… Who know! 😀

  • wow all of lighting very beautiful. wish i have lots of money and would to buy lighting for my house. smile

    good luck your business successful business

  • Wow! I hope so he can set up his website for anyone can order from him to get business running Thumb up!
    Also, I love to repair on any kind lamps that’s what I do repair for deaf needs!! Smile! Also, I am legally blind and pround deaf too! big smile!