Joel takes a natural, backroads tour of Kampot, Cambodia on his scooter. He visits a fishing village and the local market and samples dried fish before heading off to another market to go shopping. Using donations from viewers and money from the DeafNation Foundation, Joel buys art supplies to donate to Deaf art students at Epic Arts. After a personal show at Epic Arts, Joel grabs lunch at the Epic Arts Cafe, a well known local cafe operated by Deaf staff to raise money for their arts program. Joel also joins a local deaf person for an authentic Cambodian dinner cooked at home, and wraps up his trip with visits at Salt and Pepper farms to see just how these delightful seasonings are made! Pepper straight off the vine is something to sneeze at, all this and more, in Kampot!

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  • Wonderful to watch Joel show the small communities and how deaf/disable people work together and open up a cafe. Am curious about Risa “non-Cambodian” woman, who is she and how did she end up living there? Great job and look forward to watching more ATW clips.

  • That was very interesting to see the video of you riding on a scooter with that local guy who sits behind you while holding a dead chicken in his hand on the way to his house and cooked dinner. The feathers of chicken pulled out so easily by the steaming pan. I never thought of that. That’s amazing! The sugar cane juice sounds delicious. What a brave girl like Marie who’s very eager to join with those boys, dancing in class like she can do it! I know Ronise who grew up in Southern California and she loves what she does to help deaf people and enjoy working in a cafe as a manager. Such a sweet girl with a big heart. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Hi Joel,
    I watched it again, so it was great different of culture in Asian. you were showing all them, and it’s very interesed. I am proud of you because you all showed those the way differents also thank you for donated them!!
    I wonder ask you should go the Jungle in Ecuador, but I never went there. I am really wanted. Anyways If you want to visit my country then you can contact me somefriend will help you for leader to you in jungle also Island Galapagos (South American). different cultures cloths. LOL I hope sonn contact ok

  • Nice, very interesting. I really learn lot from your traveling and showing those cultive. What God creates for people needing.


  • Really very interesting about the Black Pepper and Salt that they’re strong to be working a lot of the farms. I loves it!