Joel Barish takes a ride on a Tuk Tuk through Angkor, Cambodia. A group of deaf women make their living painting art on silk at the Artisians D’Angkor Silk Painting Workshop for tourists to buy. Joel also visits ancient temples and religious grounds buried deep in the jungle. Ride the Tuk Tuk to Angkor Wat, Bayon, and Ta Prohm, and roam the grounds where Buddhists lived thousands of years ago.

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  • Cute Tuk Tuk with motorcycle. Nice to see deaf women painting art seem like they really enjoy with what they do, Awesome! Ronise looks great and happy living in Cambodia working with her wonderful deaf people. Interesting about ancient temples history! I love mango shake. Yummy!

  • Wow, I pressed that you Joel show me what country look like and Bravo for deaf women draw are very good jobs! I proud of them and you Joel too!

  • At temple, I thought there are so many small monkey around the temple. Are they there or nothing? Maybe I am wrong. let me know. thank you and I really enjoy watching you traveling around the world. You are the champ!. 🙂

  • I did see some monkeys up the trees. You might be lucky to meet one of them. Glad you enjoy this video story.

  • Привет всем!Спасибо за интересный показ!Я была в Таиланде,да,все супер.К сожалению,я не была в Камбодже,хотя был у меня план,увы.В другой раз обязательно поеду туда.

    Hi all, Thanks for an interesting
    show, I was in Thailand, yes, all super. Unfortunately, I was not in
    Cambodia, although I had a plan, sigh. Next time will certainly go there.

  • hey joel
    wow all video are interesting to watch what you had been through the travel.. thanks for the showing.. see you in phoenix next year..

    kelly twidt

  • Nice to see deaf women artists and temple is awesome with trees root upon stones. Nice story.

  • a little photo love from Mastering the Art of Travel Photography.a0 Cambodia and a great image of a tuk-tuk drvier.a0 Just a little tastea0of what life in Cambodia is like! a0 Have a great weekend!a0 a0 Share