Still roaming in Cairo, Joel comes to meet with another Deaf business owner. This business owner is Samy, who specializes in weight scales. Weight scales? You don’t realize how handy they can be! Learn of the evolution between the old scale and today’s scale! We go into Samy’s workplace to get an idea of how and what weight scales are used for. We join Samy in interacting with his customers, see how they communicate! Watching this video, you’d be sure to learn a thing or two about weight scales! (captioned)

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  • wow ! one of those film shows .. Cario man who carry large carry of Breads on top man’s hed.. rode bike delivery local area,, ! I do gasped and impressive this !

  • Thank you to Joel Barish for your bravery effort to communicate with this certain deaf Egyptian store owner! It was so fascinating to watch both of you in gesture and sign language. I have viewed joel’s several video clips around the world . I totally admired Joel’s program in No Barriers! Joel, Please do keep continuing this program! I went to North Africa four times with my father and I did communicate with deaf people way back in 1966, but i did not have the viedo like what Joel did! I wish I could Joel’s video clips to all my former deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing students before I retired! Way to go, Joel! (Also thanks to Denise Denn for introducing me to this fabulous website!) I also and always love to chat with deaf people around the world! A few years ago, four Russian performers from “Toys” stayed with my family for a week! It was awesome and fun!

    Kindest regards,
    Vadja Kolombatovic, Jr
    Retired High School deaf Teacher (32 years of teaching career)
    Part-time Professor in ASL 3 & 4 (40 years)
    Grossmont-Cuyamaca colleges and San Diego State University
    San Diego Area
    Born and lived in Europe and worldwide traveler
    Hometown: San Diego over 40 years