In the heart of Cairo, Joel explores the local areas. Inside the alleys and corners, Maged brings Joel to the El Baraka Restaurant. There, they meet with the Deaf owner and go into the kitchen! For the first time in his life, Joel gets to taste a piece of cow brain! The owner brings us into his kitchen to show us how he prepares his meat and cook it. Watch Joel’s attempts at making his own kebab, and learn the secrets of making delicious-tasting meat!  (captioned)

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  • Deaf people running business in Egypt where people think deaf people is retarded people. This show people that deaf people is smart as hearing people. Cow brain was once sold and eaten in St. Louis, Missouri, USA until beef brain scandal in UK cause the FDA to ban cow brain due to risk of mad cow disease. This disease can spread to humans and there are no cure for that.

  • What?? Finally I saw your real COW BRAIN on your plate. I bet that you have many things to show until June 13. hahahee..

  • Interesting, but Grossy things when i see a cow brain. ha. I’m curious ask how many Deaf people live in Cairo, Egypt?