• I would have thought our Superhero SuperDeafy would have made the baskets, not a bunch of squirrely airballs.

    But that is the beauty of it, if he made them all, he would have not been able to leave..

    He would be besiged by NBA agents offering a zillion bucks…

    Our beloved superhero SUPERDEAFY, yes! On a scooter with a bow on his nice hairdo..


    (hee hee hee hee, someday it will be SuperDeafy’s turn to poke fun at me- I’ll go through the gate and he will go around the gate)

  • This was cute. It also reminds me of an old time riddle. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that my 2 year old KODA son is so mesmerized with Superdeafy. I know he would love to meet him one day. It is just so darling to see him all jaw-agape with Superdeafy. 😀 I love the vision of Superdeafy going somewhere in Hollywoooooood. Glad tidings!

  • my son cannot stop asking about your show. Last night, he watched #6 – the one with ILY- he was really quiet and mesmerized with SuperDeafy and the show. I think he connects with him in a silliness way as he likes being silly.

  • Corny as always. Keep inspiring everyone! P.S. – I caught Troy Kotsur in this video. Too easy and he can’t fool me for less than a second! *wink* Moi, moi from Helsinki, Finland! – Darren Frazier

  • i love dat show i always watch it everyday whn im at tutoring haha I LOVE SUPERDEAFY!!! i hope u continue to make more videos!!! i think u shld make new video rite now. give me ur schedule for any performances in L.A. deafywood so i can take all deaf students frm Highland High School.
    – The Green Eyez