• I watched this twice and the second time was funnier. I think this is the best episode so far.

  • Ha ha- that was hilarious! I especially LOVE the part with ssi- and the exaggerated ASL abt you entering the bathroom- That was so funny! You rock!

  • AWESOME!! I really love it and enjoy his characters or do I now say characteristics? HA. Keep it coming. AWESOME AGAIN! Thanks for the good LAUGH!

  • love it. awesome Im sure my son Jake already met superdeafy right hahah keep it more next hard funny jokes for me okay?

  • I see that you are very funny look like nerd and funny clothes hehehe and I like other guy look like hippe!! cute hehe and very funny about basketball that no caption close hmm I notice that sign language are weird funny garbles lol I think it is very cool!! I love it ur shows!! make me laugh hard see way u doing excite about watch football game why not to watch ladies wrestle on tv ??

  • LOL!!! The interpreter made me laugh so hard with my tears on my eyes!!! SuperDeafy is great for everyone that needs some laughs!! Keep it up!

  • This webisode #3 is my personal favorite. It honestly is. I would watch it 100 times then start all over watch another 100 times. I don’t know why, but actor John Maucere’s S.E.E. sign language is so mesmerizing! Even if he is only acting and doing it as a joke, I still become a couch potato every time I watch this webisode! Jumping like Maucere did on that couch, yes. As a tribute to John Maucere, his ASL is the best I have ever seen, bar none. Bar None John Maucere.

  • It’s strange, but I think actor John Maucere gave us a lesson in ASL with his S.E.E. signing interpreting.

    Hilarious, isn’t that?

  • LOL!!!! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!My friend, he’s deaf and he told everyone to watch this and I’m glad I did! This is so funny!

  • Oh my… I spilled my coffee on my shirt. John did a good job S.E.E. signing interpreter. He can become CID for SEE and Oral Deaf people. Perfect…