In this edition of Alana’s Musings, Alana takes a look at one of the most unspoken forms of legal discrimination; discrimination based on your gender. Alana talks about how women are forced to pay a higher premium on everyday necessities and expenses, and as a result, they are placed on inequitable footing compared to men. What can we do to bring the issue of Gender Bias out into the light, and put an end to it?


  • What an ironically ! The salesman estimate on the living room slide door window. He was tried to manipulation me with the various price. I told him let me to think about it and will discuss with my family. Then, I will be contact with him. I was not sure if he tried to offer me reasonable price on the slide window to replacement it. When my son walked into the living room then man change the price on the slide door.

    I prompt him, will be contact with him to see if I can make the payment. Interesting, when he saw my son came home then change the price.

    I wonder if it was related to my gender or Deaf. :/

    • Dottie,

      It could be foolish with deaf customer. I think sexual preference might not target. I think I agree with you about fool to deaf customer. One thing I am curious if your son is deaf or hearing. I was not sure if clarification with deaf or hearing son.

      I thought you might talk to ..

  • Thanks Alana!!! I really appreciate the topic it’s very helpful and will make us WOMEN think before we react. I love the way you explain the topic in ASL not many females read the newspaper or pay attention to how much they spend on medications, insurances,hair salon or car repairs this is something we need to really pay attention to… Thanks…


  • You should have mentioned restaurants, the servers will pay attention to the male than the female..
    This has been going on for years and years!
    Nice Vlog by the way 🙂

  • Hey to all Female, it is me male!…so you can go shopping at Walmart there have everything no discrimination. nobody beat the price!.. I agree with Alana some…
    depend on HER designate… very expensive myself too..I like luxury as designate as same price as the female..For example John Edwards haircut price $$$$.. ha Funny one!

  • I agree with you as I’m male I noticed myself I called my wife “expensive items” which I had to paid what she needs due she have no pension at all no welfare not even a penny and had one daughter too which makes twice cost there is nothing I can’t change items!

  • There are people who if they feel superior or that they have the advantage, will try to get their way with anyone. It won’t matter if you are male or female, disabled or not, they will attempt to hold the upper hand for thier own self glorification. Don’t allow these people in your lives or try to minimise the contact. Everyone has the same innate dignity, let’s help uphold that.

  • I like ur way good for deaf people learn how is life with concept . U are good speaker as understand very clear . I like watch u in the future any title .

  • I tell you an truth I really really like your Alana’s
    Musings. I want more and am awaiting for next
    one. How soon for next one? :). Excellent!

  • Hello Ms Musing , it was great pleasure to read your stories on my iPad . It was very interning me a lot and I believe every stories you are saying is damn True as I’ve seen it . Now I want asking you for help and I’ve offer myself to help my follow Deaf people around as Leader when I m lost and No help come to me as I did asking those whom I helped in the past and they did not want help me as I went through ahead and survived .
    I m awkward and not know how approaches a woman that I like and wants her to be mine … Why I m not very hand any more due of age change and I m 64 years but I looks younger than my age honest with you, but I have scan on right figure and can’t use it for spelling but I use my left hand to spell every words . Some deaf black men called me ugly and I accept it without complained . Lately I found a white lady and she become my girlfriend for only 3 months she asked for off because of her daughter doesn’t want me for no reason, the point is the her daughter was surgery that time and her daughter told her mother not to marry me or move out from Chicago to Texas that is she called it OFF ! Oh I was in a heart break and I could not know what next step to follow ? I step back and relax for one month I called my ex girlfriend and I always asked her daughter’s to be speed recovery well by text she never replied as she blocked Vp phone, Facebook . So January first New year day her daughter passed away but she never let me know and I sent her messages but said Happy New Year belatedly via my iPad text , she not know my last name and I reposed to her cleared and finally she told me that her daughter passed away and I was very adamant shocked and cried and called her but still blocked me and I sent her text then she allowed me go through Vp phone and we chat in a short because I want let her to be strong and told her to call me when she need my help . But none yet . So what is best help you can offer me to follow .? Thank you . Arizona Eziashi